The Potter's House Encanto

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The Potter's House is a newly planted church in the Encanto area. We are a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, Non-denominational Christian ministry with a passion to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Come join us where you'll hear powerful messages that will help you grow in your relationship with Christ. We are a part of CFM (Christian Fellowship Ministries) based out of Prescott, AZ.
Location: 5466 Imperial Ave #A, San Diego, CA
Sundays @ 10:30pm
Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Info: 619-616-8356

A Gospel-Centered Church

The Gospel is the central theme of the Bible. All scripture points to the suffering and glory of Christ. It's the story of how God fulfills his promise to deliver his people and advance his Kingdom. This Good News has power for both non-believers and believers. We become Christians and grow as Christians by grace through faith in Jesus.

A Renewed Church

We believe that the Gospel can change anyone. Who Christ is and what he has done transforms our hearts, not just our behavior. We're not called to be "nice" people, we're called to be a new people. It's the grace of Christ that renews us and gives us a desire to see that same grace renew the world.

A Missional Church

Jesus said, "(Father), as you have sent me into the world. I have sent them into the world." Being a missional church means that, together, we are the sent people of God who reflect and advance his Kingdom of grace by the power of the Gospel. We love our city and pray that our people and culture are transformed by the truth and love of Christ.

Pastor Santino Juarez

In May 2016, Santino and his wife Tania were launched out of their home church in Spring Valley, CA to pioneer a new church in Encanto, CA. For Santino, pastoring is not just a “duty” but an honor. He is grateful to be a part of a fellowship that builds his faith in Jesus, his Good News, and his Kingdom. Santino & Tania look forward to meeting you and helping you discover God's great plan for your life. You can reach Santino @ 619-616-8356.
CFM Ministries
To view our General Statements of Faith, Creedal Statements and more, please click on following Link: What We Believe PDF